Hi! I'm Rachel and founded, The Beauty Boost. We aim to host experiences for women that leave them feeling empowered, healthy and beautiful!

This all started with a desire to change my own life. I was feeling super restless and just unsettled in my day to day life. On the outside everything looked fine but I was really unsatisfied with many areas of my life. I'd commonly hear from other women going through the exact same thoughts...they weren't happy in their relationships. Their career left them unfulfilled. They desired a more flexible schedule. They loved workouts but couldn't find the time. They too felt restless. There was a nagging in the pit of their stomach that this couldn't be it.

From this constant feeling, I decided to meet with a life coach and that was one of the best decisions I ever made. It's also why I am such a true believer in coaching to this day. My coach helped me to begin thinking in the right direction by asking me the questions that mattered. This didn't happen overnight and my company is still evolving, growing and changing. But, my coach got me started in the direction of The Beauty Boost. I always knew I wanted to work for myself, create my own schedule and help other women feel amazing. I knew the things I was good at but I didn't know how to create a business around that. 

The ways The Beauty Boost leads women to feel empowered, healthy and beautiful is through the following areas:

  • Retreat Getaways (we go away to Hocking Hills with other women and the magic happens)
  • One on One Empowerment Sessions (you and I meet for coffee and figure out your life)
  • Fitness Events (These include Taste of Fitness, pop-up workouts, private sessions and our summer paddle board series) 
  • EveryDay Inspired (This is a free online group where we have a weekly coach to keep you inspired)

My biggest piece of advice to others is to not ignore that feeling deep inside. We often push that feeling aside telling ourselves all of the reasons it won't work out but if you follow your gut I believe it won't let you down. 

XO, Rachel




The Beauty Boost

The Beauty Boost