Where is Zest Juice Co. located?

You can find us at the Shoppes on 5th Ave. in Grandview, OH. near the Giant Eagle Market District in Dublin, OH, at Easton Town Centre, in The Short North Arts District, or on Maxtown Rd. in Westerville. Check out our Location Page here.

Why Cold-Pressed juice?

Our juices are produced by using the cold-pressed method. The fresh fruits and vegetables are pressed using a hydraulic press, which applies thousands of pounds of pressure to extract every ounce of juice from the pulp of the fruits and vegetables. The pressing method won’t oxidize or destroy the nutrients or enzymes from the fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed juice allows you to get a concentrated amount of nutrients that are difficult to absorb just by eating raw fruits and vegetables alone. The slow and gentle cold-pressing method allows for very little to no air to be in contact with the juice. Once the juice is extracted, it is immediately sealed and refrigerated.  Our juices are not pasteurized, contain no preservatives and no additives and thus must be consumed within 3 days of being produced. The result of this process yields delicious and nutritious juice. When using a centrifugal juicer or blender, the fruits and vegetables are exposed to heat, which removes many of the vitamins, proteins, enzymes, and minerals that we get from our juice.

Where do you make your juice?

Our juice is at our Central Kitchen in Grove City, OH.

What’s the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

Juice is the liquid part of the fruits and vegetables made using a juice extractor, in our case, the hydraulic cold-press. When you make juice, you extract the liquid from the fiber. The liquid is where all the nutrients are. Smoothies are blended fruits, vegetables, and whatever else you choose to blend together. Fiber is present in the smoothies, unlike in cold-pressed juices. Neither a juice or smoothie is better than the other, they simply serve different purposes. A juice gives you instant energy and makes you feel hydrated.  Whereas the fiber in a smoothie takes longer to digest, and can keep you fuller longer.

How should I store my juice?

Your juice must be refrigerated in order to keep it fresh. Do not consume your juice after the expiration date labeled on your juice. 

Can I drink the juices if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

Because our juices are raw and unpasteurized, you should talk to your doctor before consuming.

Are your juices gluten-free? Are they vegan?

Yes, all of our juices are gluten-free and vegan. Please check with the staff on all other smoothies, acai bowls or food products. 

How long does the the nutrition take to enter the blood stream?

Juicing gets nutrients to your cells in a matter of minutes.