By now you've probably seen Zest Shots on the shelves, and maybe you've tried a few. Hopefully, you love them...but are you aware of the incredible benefits these tiny bottles possess? 

Our Dietitian Emily Fitz RDN, LD breaks down why these shots pack a powerful punch. 

What are Zest Shots?

Shots are essentially a powerhouse of nutrients and super foods condensed into 2 ounces. Quickly throw it back and move on with your day feeling confident in knowing you are making your health a priority.

Why would I want to drink a Zest Shot?

You get a lot of “bang for your buck” per say when drinking a shot. In only 2 ounces, you are providing yourself with multiple health foods at once, many of which you would never be consuming otherwise. Take turmeric for example. Turmeric has become a hot topic in nutrition research recently due to its anti-inflammatory properties and thus its role in decreasing inflammatory diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes. While turmeric is the main spice in curry, it has limited use in Western diets. It is likely that turmeric is not a staple in your diet, but a tonic gives you the opportunity to reap the amazing benefits of this medicinal spice. The ingredients in each tonic have been intentionally chosen due to their therapeutic effects.

What is a Zest Shot not intended for?

Shots are not intended to be used as a main source of nutrition or in place of a meal. Our bodies need a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats on a daily basis to function properly. While tonics may be a great source of vitamins and minerals, they do not have a significant amount of carbohydrates, protein or fat.

I know shots are great for my health, but what specific benefits does each Zest Shot provide?

  • Green Power: wheatgrass, pineapple & green apple: A powerhouse of nutrients, Green Power provides a concentrated amount of nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, and vitamins A, C and E. *not recommended to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Vitality: orange juice, ginseng & chlorella. Take a shot at vitality to fight fatigue, promote immune function and provide cancer fighting benefits.
  • Restore: turmeric, Apple, ginger, vegan probiotics, chamomile& Apple cider vinegar. Restore your gut health and beyond with this tonic created to aid with indigestion, promote the digestive tract, reduce inflammation and fight infections. *not recommended to be used by pregnant women
  • Liquid Gold: lemon, ginger, oil of oregano & cayenne. Have a cold? Try Liquid Gold. In addition to its remedial effects on colds and flus, Liquid Gold is anti-inflammatory, promotes immune function, cardiovascular health and gastrointestinal health.

Emily Fitz, RDN, LD