Zest Juice Co.'s much anticipated new location is now open at Easton Town Center, and they couldn't be more excited! 

Scratch that, no one is more excited than the new manager of Zest Easton, Megan Bernthold. We sat down with Megan who didn't have a traditional background in the food industry, but climbed the ladder at Zest at a rapid pace. 

Originally from Portsmouth, Megan has been a Columbus resident for less than a year. She actually moved to Columbus for her love of the city and Easton Town Center. 

"Growing up, my grandparents, mom and I would travel to Easton and it was always a really big deal. We would make an entire day of it, with shopping and eating out. Easton reminds me of family and home," Megan tells us. 

She found Zest Juice Co. on Instagram. "Yeah, I was participating in one of the loop giveaways around Christmas time and I just fell in love with Zest on Instagram. I felt like it might be a great fit for me, so I sent my resume to Jordan the next day."

Megan was hired with zero experience in the juice business, but she had three years of experience at major beauty retail company and on the management level. "The retail industry just wasn't for me. I am really into health and fitness and all-natural products, I felt really guilty selling stuff that had so many chemicals in it. I started moving toward organic foods and using raw products. You know, I think the world is moving in that direction. Becoming more health conscience and fresh. I wanted to be a part of that movement."

She moved to Columbus and started working in the Grandview location. It didn't take long before co-owners Jordan and Natalie Helman approached her about managing the new Easton location. 

"Oh, I was thrilled and surprised. We had discussed my management experience before and it has always been one of my goals," Megan tells us. 

The Easton location just holds a special place in her heart. "It's nostalgic to me. I love seeing all the families here, local people and tourists. It's really become a destination and I couldn't be happier with working here at a company like Zest."

"Natalie and Jordan, working for them is incredibly rewarding. It's a wonderful feeling working for people who make you feel appreciated and they have respect for everyone who works here. They made me feel welcomed." She laughs,  "I kind of feel like they're my mom and dad sometimes."

When Megan's not at Zest she enjoys working out, walking around Whole Foods, exploring Columbus and she's busy planning a wedding with her fiance Thomas who currently lives in Brazil. She's hoping he will move to the U.S. early 2017. 

"Zest just makes me so happy. It is truly my home away from home."