If you’re familiar with Zest Juice Co.’s products, than you’re already aware a number of the items on the menu directly benefit local and national nonprofit organizations.

Thirst Relief International is committed to providing access to clean water for deserving communities. In fast, did you know nearly 2 billion people lack access to sanitary drinking water? Every year nearly one million children die due to water related illnesses.

The clean water methods vary depending on the location, community and amount of people who need access. Thirst Relief operates with funds by generous donors to provide humanitarian and disaster relief to those in need.

$1 of every Activated Charcoal Lemonade you purchase is donated directly to the organization. Keep this in mind when purchasing your next Charcoal Lemonade: through Thirst Relief Int. $10 gives a person clean water for 25 years!

Our Charcoal Lemonade is made with water, lemon, pineapple, cucumber, activated charcoal and rosemary extract. It contains absorptive agents able to extract and neutralize all the nasty gases, toxins, poisons and other chemicals that can loiter inside your body. The juice is fantastic for detoxing, cleansing, helping heal intestinal issues, it can help whiten teeth and is touted as a hangover remedy!

For more information on Thirst Relief International click on the highlighted link.