"I sort of grew up in the Short North. My mom would take my sister and I to the original North Market and downtown library. I love Columbus, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else."

Kari Schweitzer is a Columbus girl to the core. Upon graduation from high school, she attended CCAD, studying ceramics. 

"I used to have an art studio, it was a lot of fun. My full time job was twofold. I worked with adults with disabilities in their art department and I was a single mom. Needless to say, I was busy!"

Kari and her friend set out on a weight loss goal last year and in doing so the duo stumbled upon Zest Juice Co. 

"It's funny, we were just Googling healthy places to eat and found Zest. I fell in love with the brand immediately. I had just been let go from my full time job, due to cut backs (the art department was eliminated), so I was looking for a new job in my same career field. When I stepped back and thought about how stressful my job was, I decided to randomly apply at Zest and the rest is history!"

Kari started working in Zest's Dublin location, but was quickly transitioned to Grandview. 

"It's (Grandview) my favorite location, for sure. I like the fast paced atmosphere, I enjoy having to-do lists and being productive. it makes me feel like i'm accomplishing new things, I have a team here I really like and we have a good flow...we really sync well." 

When Kari isn't managing Zest's busiest location, she enjoys reading, travel with friends, and spending time with her daughter. 

"Being a full-time single mom isn't easy, but Zest has been a perfect fit for motherhood. I love Zest in general because I like working with positive people and learning about health benefits and healthy food. It's also one of those places you can still go home and have your life at the end of the day, Jordan and Natalie allow me to work around my daughter's schedule. It's awesome I can work and still be able to pick her up at the end of her school day."  

It didn't take long for Kari to describe what Zest means to her, "Oh, that's easy," she told us with a smile. 

"Community. in general we are a community oriented company and each store is its own community in a way. We are a family and we have our regulars who become part of that family...you just don't find that everywhere."