Did you know nearly 2 billion people lack access to sanitary drinking water? Every year nearly one million children die due to water related illnesses. 

Thirst Relief International is committed to providing access to clean water for these deserving communities. The clean water methods vary depending on the location, community and amount of people who need access. The nonprofit organization operates with funds by generous donors to provide humanitarian and disaster relief to those in need. 

Zest Juice Co. is passionate about the life-saving mission of Thirst Relief International, so we are donating $1 of EVERY ACTIVATED CHARCOAL LEMONADE you purchase directly to the organization. $10 gives a person clean water for 25 years!

Thank you for supporting the organizations we help. It’s pretty cool to think you could be helping give someone clean drinking water by just drinking one of our Activated Charcoal Lemonades. For more information about Thirst Relief International click here: