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Chef Alyse will introduce you to a variety of savory dishes prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients. Create crowd-pleasing vegan recipes that are as rich in taste as they are in nutrients. 

Each class will begin with a short introduction, followed by hands-on cooking demonstrations. Your journey will conclude with taste testing and mouthwatering recipes you can take home. Each class will be accompanied with recipe cards and other Zest Juice Co. goodies.

Cooking classes take place at Zest Juice Co.'s Central Kitchen located at 1717 Gateway Circle in Grove City.


    Meet the Maker

    Alyse Cho is a vegetarian chef and yoga teacher. A native of central Ohio, Alyse developed a love for cooking at an early age from Ohio’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. After attending culinary school and putting six years of culinary cooking under the belt, Alyse went to study organic farming. She wanted to find out where food came from and travel the west coast. 

    Upon returning to Ohio to reunite with their roots and family Alyse met with Zest’s owners and the rest is history! Today, Alyse’s time at Zest is spent crafting delicious and classic flavors with a vegan twist. When not in the kitchen Alyse is on the yoga mat teaching MS yoga or buried in a book.

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    To schedule a class or if you have questions please contact,